Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Workshop review....

The US-India Network Enabled Research Collaboration Workshop Assessment

As the workshop organizer, I am not in a good position to evaluate the success of the workshop. But, I think it was a success!!

We had good attendance (130+ people registered). The technology (remote presentations) seemed to work well. Attendance at the sessions was good. Some rooms were overflowing. There were many hallway and post-lunch/dinner conversations. All these are indications of success, in my view.

I encourage everyone to visit our web site at: and click on the India link on the left side to get to the workshop homepage. We will be updating the web site with presentations and videos over the next couple weeks.

Of course, simply holding the workshop is not enough. There is the report to write and the follow-up activities to outline and then execute on. That will be my challenge in the New Year!!!

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